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About DeWitt Risk Management Consultants LLC:

DeWitt Risk Management Consultants LLC has a varied background in the industry. Working with and for large insurance companies and brokerage firms made it very clear that there is a right and a wrong when it comes to representing the client. As the client, you'll be glad to know that we feel the only right way to represent our clients is to put their interests first. We make it our business to be aware of the level of service you expect and, knowing you deserve it, we make sure to provide it.

Our role is to work for you in bidding exercise, plan and funding analysis, troubleshooting and bringing quality options to the table so you can make educated, fiscally responsible decisions that are beneficial for you, your company and your family.

With continued changes in health care legislation and health care reform, we recognize that our role is more critical than ever. We're here to help you navigate the increasingly confusing landscape of Health Care. Our experts will provide interpretation for and ensure compliance with current and pending government mandates. We are your resource. We can educate and advise you of changes that affect the entire health care delivery system, but more importantly, we can educate you and advise you on those that will affect you.

When you select a broker, interview them. We work for you just like any employee on your payroll. You should feel confident in our knowledge and problem resolution abilities, but it's just as important that you feel comfortable with us as individuals. At DeWitt Risk Management Consultants, we consider you (as our client) to be our most valuable asset. In all honesty, even though our salary technically comes from insurance providers, the client is the only reason we are receiving a paycheck. That makes every client very important to us. At DeWitt Risk Management Consultants our VIPs are our clients. You can expect to be treated accordingly.

When we receive an appointment as your broker, we want you for life. We'll ask if we're meeting your expectations and gladly accept candid answers. We confidently express our abilities and base our service reputation on our clients' satisfaction.

Still Have Questions?

What is a Broker?

A broker is a licensed agent authorized to do business by the respective State Department of Insurance. As an independent brokerage we provide clients with access to multiple lines of coverage through a variety of carriers.

Does a Broker Work for an Insurance Company?

No, a broker is licensed with many insurance companies, but is independent in that they are not captive agents of any. Brokers can offer access to coverages from a variety of carriers and are not limited to certain products.

How is a Broker Compensated?

The most common form of broker compensation is referred to as "premium compensation." While the broker works for you, the insurance companies are responsible for paying the broker commission. It is important to note that premiums charged to the employer or individually insured are the same with or without the use of a broker. Contracting with a broker simply provides you with an expert on your side; an extra outlet for more personal service than the insurance company themselves provide.

What Does Broker of Record Mean?

A Broker of Record (BOR) letter form the client authorizes the broker to work on their behalf on all insurance matters. You can appoint a broker for one or all contracts. The Broker of Record appointment remains in place until it is rescinded in writing by the client. The Broker of Record is fully revocable by the client without limitation at any time for any reason.